TOMAHAWK HEADSHOT…WTF!? (Black Ops 4 Funny & Epic Tomahawk Moments)


Call Of Duty

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TOMAHAWK HEADSHOT…WTF!? (Black Ops 4 Funny & Epic Tomahawk Moments)

Today we can Finally get Tomahawk Headshot Medal on Call of Duty Black Ops 4!
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20 Replies to “TOMAHAWK HEADSHOT…WTF!? (Black Ops 4 Funny & Epic Tomahawk Moments)”

  1. Zac Du Preez says:

    have you played against these knives only?

  2. You truly are a master of the tomahawks?. I have not seen anyone who has such ease of throw but the most deadly accuracy as you with them. (And so many damn kill streaks w/ them!) And no hate on other knifers. I avidly watch TKO as well. You both are my favs.

  3. RoZe Jah says:

    No it prestige 5 and above on Xbox

  4. RoZe Jah says:

    But it’s Xbox game play heat your friend sounds like a robot

  5. Random Guy says:

    On xbox are just bots

  6. THANOS says:

    I don’t think he saw the other headshot

  7. LazarRado96 says:

    Lol they all afk?

  8. Snipy Sniper says:

    Bro your intros are best dro 3001 liked btw

  9. Where can I get lobbies where the enemy team isn't playing

  10. All your enemies stand still

  11. Fake ass video. Yea got some good friends to let you do that…

  12. Hey can you do more prop hunt it's soo funny.

  13. Ryan shordom says:

    Yeah it's bots lol

  14. Sniper HD says:

    Amazing bro, like

  15. Joesa Dawson says:

    Unseeable vs theseknifesonly lol

  16. should they add Camos for tomahawks???

  17. Your friend is a robot

  18. z Furias says:

    I'm knifer too,I'm firts in ESPAÑA NUCLEAR witch CHA-CHING, LOVE KNIFING!!?❤

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