Too Close To The Edge #7 (Call of Duty: Black Ops 2) | Swiftor


Call Of Duty

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I didn’t forget about you, Black Ops 2. I’m still here for you and that dusty ol’ 360. Lets have some fun, like in the good old days – before Black Ops 3 came out became my bae.

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20 Replies to “Too Close To The Edge #7 (Call of Duty: Black Ops 2) | Swiftor”

  1. byrdvv. says:


  2. xposed32 says:

    Yeah no bo3 black ops 2 never ending <3

  3. Kid Icarus says:

    are you still doing swiftor says and can i add you

  4. 19videogame says:

    Whats weird is that I play my xbox 360 at 1080p and my ps4 on 1080p also I cant tell a difference between black ops 2 and 3 at all. At least I think my ps4 is on 1080p its not on the same tv or the same room, the end of this week that will change and I will know that my ps4 and xbox 360 both are played on 1080p because they will both be on the same tv.

  5. gottimpon says:

    What map is this?

  6. feed my kids says:

    Last 5 words of the video. " You could have been supreme." Get it? Nacho supreme?

  7. LPB says:

    I got a suggestion. Do a snipers vs runners behind the water fall on hunted.

  8. SuperOwlman says:

    Don't click Read more

    You might have clicked the overused joke… Nice one m8.

  9. ShadowRL76 says:

    You stole my saying I say what up unibros

  10. Gavin Singh says:

    I'm Glad to see Koval back, Good Job Swiftor, I Like seeing u giving people a 2nd chance!👍

  11. — Quta says:

    why the fuck do people even watch this shit

  12. Swifter can I please add you in PS3 my PSN is TIBERIOUS360

  13. Ton says:

    Hey swiftor or someone who knows about swiftor I have a couple of questions 1. What console do you play on? 2. How would I be able to play with you? 3. How do you communicate with people in your game?

  14. u should stop playing bo2…….

  15. Alex Vargas says:

    u should do a Vonage says bud that was funny

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