Top 10 CALL OF DUTY Games That Will NEVER Happen


Call Of Duty

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Top 10 CALL OF DUTY Games That Will Probably NEVER Be Made
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22 Replies to “Top 10 CALL OF DUTY Games That Will NEVER Happen”

  1. Chaos says:

    Which one of these would you like to see actually happen?

  2. shaun redd says:

    theres one u forgot kid warfare

  3. Roxxar Vos says:

    Call of Duty Cold War?

  4. Kuhl BoniXx says:

    Maybe they should make a call of duty SHOOTING sports game.

  5. {Call of duty Sheriff} 4 wild west

  6. {Call of duty the battle for territory} 4 medieval

  7. {Call of duty the limit} 4 fantasy

  8. {Call of duty the beginning of mankind} 4 ice age

  9. {Call of duty the Roman Empire} 4 Roman

  10. How about{call of duty The Beginning of exploration} 4 crusades

  11. How about {call of duty the first battle} 4 prehistoric

  12. Ash H says:

    There could be one with the muskets and connons or something

  13. I sent an email for activison to make the fighting CoD

  14. Legacy Music says:

    Call of duty medieval warfare

  15. Nickz 420 says:

    Cod time Warfare

    It's all CODS in one game

  16. Star of duty call wars

  17. Call of duty gangsta warfare

  18. Itz V3N0M ! says:

    Did anyone think of Call of duty Pirates?

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