Top 10 Most SECRET Fortnite Chapter 2 Locations YOU NEVER NOTICED!



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Top 10 Most SECRET Fortnite Chapter 2 Locations YOU NEVER NOTICED!
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36 Replies to “Top 10 Most SECRET Fortnite Chapter 2 Locations YOU NEVER NOTICED!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    That’s the won frome save the world

  2. Ekonima says:

    I have seen what happens in my dream it was weird but anyway this is what I saw the
    Everyone goes to the big vault for an event then the water raises then the monster the robot the ice king and the meteor come out of nowhere and fuse together
    Then nothing
    But this is my dream so ?‍♂️

  3. the foot ball is in a back yard in salty springs or in pleasant park (if not memory loss lol)

  4. Hey top 5 gaming i am a secret for you

    I have suported your creator code


  6. Mythical Fox says:

    Fortnite community: We want anarchy acres back!

    Fortnite: no

    Fortnite community: please, can we have it back

    Fortnite: well yes, but no

    *frenzy farms appears*

    Fortnite community: good enough

  7. Daniel Lim says:

    You will grow an extra inch in height

    ?Like To Activate

  8. Boys Detjens says:

    Does no one realize the blue chests can spawn anywhere??

  9. That looks like the stw bunker

  10. Fun fact rare chest give steel instead of wood found one and got an early game epic rocket launcher

  11. Don’t know why I’m saying this but number 9 looks like Area 51. Just saying

  12. T5G no joke in a game I dug up a chest first try it was legendary!!!! ??????

  13. But the vault door reminds me of fallout

  14. How can I use your code if I don’t have money to buy v-bucks so I can buy the battle pass!!!?

  15. GetClapBoi says:

    Go to the snow part of the map mountain and shoot or pick axe the small propane tank once and it take likes 1 second and it explodes

  16. I think the creepy camp looks like the camp from Friday the 13th

  17. I used some of dat T5G on the Item Shop

  18. Plu says:

    T5g is a tresh code use ninja or tfue who is using t5g is stupid I'm just saying

  19. William A says:

    If you brake the one near present
    In the front of it it opens

  20. Orange s says:

    Did you find tomato head and durr burger in weeping woods?

  21. I found a legendary chest and legendary ammo crate in the same room.its probably a one in a million chance.

  22. There was a bunker in sunny steps just a little south covered in foana

  23. Robo-Balls says:

    Smash code Ceedayy bois

  24. 4:19 stop using a skin changer your icon is a default

  25. the rocks at 1 is a little mermaid reference

  26. Adam M-B says:

    Who's the youtuber talking again?

  27. powermatt07 says:

    this is how may time he said T5G

  28. The secret door is a ester egg to survive the world

  29. I just had the idea that the bunkers are in a triangle and the eye is in the center

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