Top 10 MOST VIEWED Call of Duty Videos on Youtube


Call Of Duty

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50 Replies to “Top 10 MOST VIEWED Call of Duty Videos on Youtube”

  1. Chaos says:

    Guess what #1 is!!

  2. R3d Jay says:

    Notifs have been on for years

  3. IDK Anymore says:

    Shouldn’t Ali A’s most viewed vid or second most viewed vid be on this list or is there something wrong with it?

  4. Chaos what type of open world games do you like?

  5. Slim Vader says:

    Notifications on, Subbed, and watch every video for the past few months, you do a great job on you Top 10s, very precise speaking, straight to the point, easy to understand, keep it up Jimmy

  6. PXB Devin says:

    Aaron!! I love watching his videos

  7. Watched for like 7 months

  8. Just Reewind says:

    I have notos on and btw do top ten best comp players

  9. Edde21 says:

    Top ten pre- made classes (classes before you unlock custom classes).

  10. HI BOYS XD says:

    Ive watched nerf gun game ever since i was 6

  11. we all know best in class is the best black ops voice impression Youtuber

  12. I miss vanoss back in the day doing gta 4 videos

  13. LuC1phAr7 says:

    CoD is Returning! So are you, and hopefully FaZe and Ali-A!

  14. I never put my notifications on because of the number of channels I'm subbed to, but I always check your channel everyday to see what vids you upload, keep the grind up Choas, love it!

  15. The name pronunciations tho. Oof.

  16. random gamer says:

    Yeah i saw them when they were new
    The number 1 I mean

  17. Which better cod or minecraft?

  18. Just wanna say I've been watching you since the AW days. I know I've been kinda rude in the comments a few times, but I still love watching your videos. I was really mad that this year's CoD was MW instead of Ghosts 2. But everything you talked about so far for the game, got me interested and now I really wanna play it

  19. Can I get 10 likes for titanfall 2 being better than CoD

  20. Videos that get you a Veterans Discount

  21. Nagla needs to go to bed???

  22. Nick Eagle says:

    why does chaos keep saying Nogla's name wrong?

  23. nerdout channel still made video game rap video

  24. ray strauss says:

    Notification squad still a YouTube thing?

  25. Mic Amazin says:

    my favorite is I Dont Like COD Parody

  26. You said raise your hand if you know who vanoss is I’m getting nastalga right now

  27. Remember the youtube rapper Brysi?

  28. Yell says:

    “Nog-lah” SHAME ON YOU

  29. Leon Evans says:

    notifications on and been watching this channel for a few years now.

  30. I love your vids always have notifs on lol

  31. I would like to win the ps4 so i can finally play online with my brother thats in another state. @jeremy_colosimo

  32. The way he pronounced Nogla ?

  33. CD Law says:

    Old Youtube was the best Youtube

  34. FPS Jameson says:

    I have that bell on lock down skin!!

  35. Yeah I listen to that 115 song sometimes ?

  36. You should do a video of the top ten most demonitized youtubers

  37. What’s the song you’re playing in the background?

  38. Obama plays cod ghosts or trump plays bo2

  39. Unpopular opinion:
    BrySi has the best cod VS BF and cod VS halo rap battles

  40. Call of duty is better

  41. Brysi is one of my favorites with this stuff

  42. Always got my notifications for u brother man.

  43. Sevenfold is effing awesome same with 115

  44. I would like to win the ps4 because my ps3 died and I can't afford to buy a new ps4. My Twitter handle is @rugbycook. Thank you

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