Top 10 Reasons Why Fortnite is the Best Game



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There’s been a lot of speculation, and we don’t agree with Epic’s recent decisions, but here’s why Fortnite is still the best game.

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31 Replies to “Top 10 Reasons Why Fortnite is the Best Game”

  1. Bad Diaper says:

    FArTnuT iS gOoD

    Say sike right now

  2. Fortnite is 3D and way better with graphics and guns in Minecraft no action its pixelated shit in fortnite it has awsome action but in Minecraft you have to only kill the ender dragon to finish it lop Minecraft sucks
    Plus fortnite is competive

  3. Theres 158685868857574 reasons why roblox is the best game ever lol
    Ok im not funny at all.-.
    But its true tho

  4. I will give a year to delete this video. Please, you know minecraft is better. Especially now.

  5. Jesse James says:

    Building, looting, free……….wow amazing. Fuckin blank

  6. SkyWade says:

    Top 10 reasons why you should dislike this video!
    1. Fortnite
    2. Fortnite
    3. Fortnite
    4. Fortnite
    5. Fortnite
    6. Fortnite
    7. Fortnite
    8. Fortnite
    9. Fortnite
    10. Fortnite

  7. Doom eternal: Do you know that the KING of fps shooters is in your area?

  8. sandman says:



    The Clone Wars have just begun!

  9. Honestly in my opinion I think the game is good because mainly it has content a lot of games that are out and that have been out for countless amount of months have not shown a single Shred of content while you have fortnite on other hand that has a boatload of it

  10. minecraft has entered the room

  11. I see 1B gays trigged


  12. Timur 56255 says:

    Fortnite's COMMUNITY is worst, not game itself. I like build system in this game, but I'm not fully interested in this game. Just weird that people may hate game because of it's players. And also, cartoony games with paid content attract idiots. That's why Fortnite community is a bunch of stupid kids.

  13. Why is micro transactions good

  14. Joh Makinon says:

    I’d rather have enchanted diamonds swords and golden apples than golden scars and shield potions anyday.

  15. Delete this video now.
    The best game is either Luigi’s Mansion 3 or Red Dead Redemption 2.
    Minecraft is pretty nice too.

  16. godnite (fortnite) is better than shitblox (roblox)

  17. grim goku says:

    All the minecrafters: Welp im just getting my diamond sword

  18. I’m from the future where chapter 2 destroyed Minecraft

  19. OMG guys! Guess what? Fortnite is shit! Wow who knew?

  20. I’m a kid and I can think of so many games that are better than fortnite

    1. God of war
    2. Spider man ps4
    3. Smash bros
    4. Overwatch
    5. Minecraft
    6. Roblox
    7. Tetris
    8. Grand theft auto
    9. Any Zelda game
    10. Any mario game
    11. Any Pokémon game
    12. Call of duty
    13. Street fighter
    14. Mortal kombat
    15. Red redemption 1 and 2
    16. Mega man
    17. Assassins creed
    18. PAC man
    19. Dragon ball fighterz
    20. Any persona game
    21. Shantae
    22. Banjo and kazooie
    23. Any sonic game
    24. Metroid
    25. Kirby
    26. Team fortress 2
    27. Any sport game
    28. Jump force
    29. Halo
    30. Battle field

    Literally any other game in existence.

    Fortnite sucks

  21. Samuel Moore says:

    Splish splash your opinion is trash

  22. Seeing people hating Fortnite is making me feel bad for Fortnite cause I play Fortnite more than Minecraft

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