Top 5 Ways To Get Better At "Call of Duty Zombies" Black Ops 2 Zombies BO1 and WAW


Call Of Duty

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Welcome to ToProForuGames! On my channel I mainly cover Call of Duty Zombies and Call of Duty Custom Zombies. I post both regular zombie content and custom zombie videos multiple times a week so if your interested in that make sure to SUBSCRIBE and enjoy the video! The most popular series on my channel range from TOP 5 call of duty zombies and Zombie challenges that I do on Black Ops 2, Black ops and World at War Zombies!


50 Replies to “Top 5 Ways To Get Better At "Call of Duty Zombies" Black Ops 2 Zombies BO1 and WAW”

  1. AG_ from _83 says:

    Literally no tips in this video

  2. Cat Milk says:

    When I unlock the area with the mystery box I have the points for it and whatever weapon I get I stick with it unless it's a useless weapon

  3. Most ppl who die around the lower rounds are mostly noobs or they suck ass regardless of how long they play and pratice while im here shutting my shit off at round 13 cuz my scary ass got scared again and shit my damn pants then start to get cocky plays it again and does the same shit alone i look like well fuck I look like a noob period dont know why this can listen to sum scary shyt watch sum scary movies but tbh I gotta feel reckless to play a fuckin scary game pathetic right lmao but somehow tho when im online or got sumbody local he'll im a beast sure not a God player but coo since it's way different from how i play alone but ima need to overcome this bitch ass shit and man tf up…i need help??

  4. Yeah I will challenge mtself

  5. PatchyBoiii says:

    "Challenge youtself" nice

  6. Boi look at #2 when it first starts and look at the top right corner and it says: Challenge Youtself XD LOLLOOLOL

  7. almc 04 says:

    This vid helped me a lot

  8. Weird how I'm so good at WAW, SUCK at bo1, decent at bo2 and I'm okay at bo3

  9. Step 1 keep on playing
    Step 2 don’t forget perks
    Step 3 don’t die
    Step 4 know all the Easter eggs for the map

  10. Bunnyez says:

    If you dont want to waste money try playing town its an easy map

  11. 4:01 // Top right corner. You see it? Number 2, “challenge youtself”. lmao

  12. JayGamez says:

    3:54 he put challenge youtself

  13. Nigga says:

    I’m pretty much a pro at all 4 cod zombies games (fuck infinity ward and sledgehammer zombies) and I just wanted to see what it’s like for a noob to watch

  14. Bilbo Bagins says:

    Make sure you challenge youtself guys

  15. jackel j says:

    I don't have xboxlive

  16. JaLa Brazell says:

    Okay what about training

  17. MultiFiedYT says:

    I just play to SURVIVE. But, these tips did help me! Thanks!

  18. Thanks man I am shotguns now 😀

  19. I remember back when I used to think round 10 was a high round

  20. Ah says:

    How do you get nuketown '^'

  21. … zombies is the only game i am insecure about…. i just suck…..

  22. nameless says:

    the DSR and Mustang and Sally are my dream combo, idk y lol

  23. wait a second… is this a fake video!

  24. Toprouforgames get better in zombies is step 1 in round 1 just knife the zombies.step2use pistol.Step 3 if u get the zombies in a horde shoot with a ray or any weapon.step4 get perks.step 5 concentrate.

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  26. joey says:

    my stebbrothers don't even use perks all they do is camp by mystery box. They expect me to build the staffs FOR them.

  27. Zach Miller says:

    Did anyone else notice it said challenge youtself instead of yourself

  28. Clover says:

    3:48 You Spelled yourself wrong, The way you spelled it was youtself


  30. Dont you have to be good at zombies in order to give tips

  31. Ana Pichardo says:

    That customization on the kap-40 and ak74u where awesome


  33. i like your video image with the bf4 russian recon

  34. Parsimonious says:

    I have to ask, what map is he playing during the video?

  35. Moshiur says:

    3:50 there's a mitsake it says challenge youTself plus, you read that wrong, see the 3rd word! Like if I got you there

  36. On number 2 instead of challenge yourself you put challenge youtself

  37. xFa de says:

    took me 1 year to find PHD Flopper on die rise

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