Top 5 "WORST BOSSES" In Call of Duty Zombies (WAW, BO1, BO2 Top 5 Most Annoying Overpowered Bosses)


Call Of Duty

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Top 5 “WORST BOSSES” In Call of Duty Zombies (WAW, BO1, BO2 Top 5 Most Annoying Overpowered Bosses)
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Intro Song: Savant – Starfish

31 Replies to “Top 5 "WORST BOSSES" In Call of Duty Zombies (WAW, BO1, BO2 Top 5 Most Annoying Overpowered Bosses)”

  1. Just got finished watching the Alpha Omega Easter egg somebody say avagadro

  2. xd modul says:

    Ya nicked Steve's clip from the start

  3. I had small laughs during this.
    Thank you.😂

  4. The brute from cod iw zombies dumps all these.

  5. OddSourLemon says:

    7:35 fantastical predicted the future

  6. Quinn Porter says:

    I got a bald head moonman dont pay for shit

  7. Love the panzer love the challenge

  8. When you place 2nd in fortnite 1:13

  9. You can also kill the Avago dro quickly with the zombie shield

  10. Number one is the denizens

  11. The avagadro is the easiest boss – for me he will only come for you if your in the open – I had a technique where I would stay inside that small tunnel area where the Iron wall weapon is, he never came XD

  12. I love call of the dead… the map is big enough to avoid George and he isnt too hard to kill on solo. If I can do it anyone can. Just aim for the head if you get the death machine by him and always throw grenades and explosives at him when you're in the water

    makes me laugh every time XD

  14. Broly says:

    Wait wait wait how is brutus a bad boss?

  15. 1:13😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣😂😂😂

  16. Nathan Wells says:

    Great video your funny hey space dude

  17. I can tolerate the Panzer Soldat in Der Eisandrache and Revelations, for I have a special strategy against it. It's also easier because he doesn't have a hook on his hand like in origins. I have Zombies Chronicles and Seasons Pass for Black Ops III.

  18. The Pentagon Thief, and Panzer Soldat(origins)

  19. BO1 Spaceman: has a random name on your friends list.

    BO3 Spaceman: Has a random name of one of the developers. (And Kevin Sherwood himself)

  20. I hate the napeoln zombie

  21. Kaydog 242 says:

    Like mix of zelda and zombies

  22. mod peace says:

    I love the music from one of my favourite series and games! 🙂

  23. kys says:

    Great song bro

  24. TheRageAlex says:

    Um your intro gameplay is Steve's not yours

  25. Jesus your black guy impression is god awful and offensive…..

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