TOP 5 WORST Zombie Maps of All Time! – "Call of Duty" Black Ops 3 Zombies, BO2, BO & WaW Maps!


Call Of Duty

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TOP 5 WORST Zombie Maps of All Time in Black Ops 3 Zombies, BO2, BO1, & WAW Zombies!
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24 Replies to “TOP 5 WORST Zombie Maps of All Time! – "Call of Duty" Black Ops 3 Zombies, BO2, BO & WaW Maps!”

  1. Transhit get’s a -100000000/10

  2. Brooks Blair says:

    Die rise is my favorite map. 1st off, why hate on the tranzit crew? They were unique characters and had a lot of funny dialogue. Marolton was funny af, same with stew. Russian was kind of annoying but what ever. Plus Misty’s tits like you said. Then you go on about the wonder weapon. Personally, I don’t often use the wonder weapon. That map had the AN 94 wall buy. Pack the AN 94, get the mustang and sally, and you pretty much become the wonder weapon. Your reasons for not liking the map are, in quote, “it’s just mehhhhh.” Really? Thats your excuse? You even said you enjoyed it at first and liked that it was different. It was a great map, and had some great training spots. Getting to a high round was easy, even with out the wonder weapon. Also, not wanting to replay a map isn’t a reason why a map is bad, you have to think of specifics. And yes I agree who’s who is bad. They should’ve made it so when you spawn you have jug, and can revive quicker, also maybe give you a gun other than the starting pistol. I challenge you to actually explain why die rise was bad. It almost seems like you don’t even know the map, and just put it on here because the community doesn’t like it.

  3. Ty Kell says:

    5 zetsbo
    4 five
    3 die rise
    2 bo3 Origins

  4. I Say TranZit Is Better Than "Five" Because There Is Nothing Fun About Small Space, Pentagon Thief, and Winter's Howl On "Five". But At Least TranZit Gives You Plenty Of Space And The Only Powerful Enemy Is The Electro Man.

  5. Brody Gebbia says:

    Top 5 best maps ever 5: Der Eisendraq 4: Mob of the dead 3: Origins 2: idkkkkkkkkk my opinion

  6. Brody Gebbia says:

    Why die rise the sliquiphier isy babe

  7. 369 says:

    Fuck you zetsubou is awesome, your shitty jokes are as shitty as your dead channel

  8. i hate origins motd de gk and kino

    lol jk buried kino zns moon and die rise

  9. Nik Wallis says:

    Number 5 is five from bo1

  10. Dr. Weavile says:

    Kino is overrated. There I said it

  11. lol i also did that i put kino at number 2 and i got 3 dislikes with 2 likes only

  12. Kid dripz says:

    Sliquifire is a great wedder wepon

  13. ngl die rise is a great map you just need to play it probably

  14. I love all the fucking maps mostly origins and tranzit

  15. Soe should be no.5 that thing was shiiiit! Dick

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