Trying Fortnite TIK TOK Viral Lifehacks! (THEY ACTUALLY WORK!)



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Trying Fortnite TIK TOK Lifehacks! (THEY ACTUALLY WORK!) ▻ Fortnite FUNNIEST Tik Toks – Hit LIKE and ✅ Subscribe …

36 Replies to “Trying Fortnite TIK TOK Viral Lifehacks! (THEY ACTUALLY WORK!)”

  1. MoreAliA says:

    LOADS of cool tricks in this video! 😄

    If you’re not already hit “SUBSCRIBE” – Enjoy! 🙌🏻

  2. Josef Mathan says:

    you can just place a build the cans will be destoryed very fast

  3. beau fischer says:

    The reason chests and doors open is becahse your a henchman when your a henchman ut opens

  4. Sith Gaming says:

    U can just cone them so u still get the shield

  5. Caxvern says:

    12:31 is where u can see dead pool with peels suit

  6. Pls gift captain america for me
    My epic id :Ali-h-sm

  7. I always use the visualise sound effects and its super op

  8. Dick Trickle says:

    In the intro I thought I accidentally had 2x speed on.

  9. Ahmed Sakran says:

    I have used the sound from when I started fortnite

  10. For the slurp canisters put stairs over it and it will break all of it right u way

  11. Ali danlod I gam is cold free fire on mobile and plai it is not hard and 50 plain and es available apstor.

  12. Ali a do you know your the best player that I saw on fortnite

  13. Joel Bessett says:

    Sound visualizer was already on my game automatically, I’m on mobile, so yeah

  14. Januel Perez says:

    Your not using the right gun alia

  15. ToxicShark says:

    I subscribed went onto fortnite solid gold me: YES IT WORKED LEGENDARY PISTOL

  16. JMB6875 says:

    Do you have hackers

  17. Bailey Hall says:

    And I like your Reality show Ali-A superchargers

  18. Ali a : I think it’s been patched or it’s not working

    Viewers : it’s fake

  19. SIMON FRYER says:

    It’s always 69 damage

  20. SIMON FRYER says:

    It’s not a like hack it’s fortnite hacks

  21. Do you have take the ell

  22. F L I X X says:

    I just wanna say that if you connect your controller to phone you can tap the ready up button with your finger and it will put u in mobile lobbies, if the buttons are still on the screen (like the jump and shoot button) then
    It has worked

  23. Dylan Craddy says:

    My name is craddykid on epic

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