ULTIMATE $2800 Call of Duty Modern Warfare CUSTOM Water Cooled PC Build – RTX 2080 i7 9700K


Call Of Duty

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ULTIMATE $2800 Call of Duty Modern Warfare CUSTOM Water Cooled PC Build – RTX 2080 i7 9700K. Today MSI & NVIDIA have sponsored a build to feature their RTX 2080 MSI Seahawk GPU in a custom water cooled gaming pc build for the release of call of duty modern warfare. This ultimate custom water cooled pc build is more than capable of playing Call of duty modern warfare at max settings and if you would like to have your PC perform just like this one, check the MSI Bundle links below.

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33 Replies to “ULTIMATE $2800 Call of Duty Modern Warfare CUSTOM Water Cooled PC Build – RTX 2080 i7 9700K”

  1. hope you all enjoy! =) Would you guys like to see more full setups?

  2. Lure Addict says:

    Good thing nothing leaked on the initial filling test of water lines !!

  3. You just called me poor for 15 minutes

  4. Tyler Black says:

    I really like builds that implement the fewest brands as possible like this one. Thermaltake and MSI. It may just be me, but I hate seeing like 8 or 9 different brand names inside of computers, it just doesn't look too aesthetic.

  5. James kobe says:

    This is beautiful , i'd love to build the same …. Never did that before do you have any advice ?

  6. Gronn mester says:

    Can such pipes be bought somewhere to size or can I just make it at home?

  7. Hairy Man says:

    Macca's Orange juice.

  8. I like to call this one orange julius

  9. I'm Turkish and I'm 15 years old If I collect a computer and give me a new year gift I would be very happy 🙂

  10. nice to be sponsored by TT… should that msi gpu water case be humid and foggy out of the box?

  11. Adam Burnett says:

    This case doesn't look anything like BF4. title is misleading.. hehe see what I did dere

  12. I'M saving money for a 2000 dollar PC set up. I can achieve it this april. I just need to spend less. I need suggestion for an i7 and ryzen 5.

  13. Idk why but the whole time u were filling it with coolant all I Could think was orange juice

  14. jojo says:

    you have amazing hands bro!❤❤❤

  15. KieronJ2853 says:

    I don’t know why but I really want to drink that fluid

  16. EnergyZ says:

    uhh what do u do with all these pc:s? im kinda jealous

  17. Why do you call it a CoD MW build but dont even show how it performs during gameplay? :sadface:

  18. This channel is asthatic king

  19. Samael says:

    Why isn't pc building considered art?

  20. vProxect- says:

    Do you think you can build me my first pc and I can pay you

  21. Why in msi rtx 2080 ti sea hawk is make with ekwd but there is thermaltake logo in ek logo Place?

  22. J Co says:

    If it's not a i9 who cares

  23. Sponsored by thermal take more than likely

  24. Trap Fllow says:

    how you get your money ?? I need just 1 pc?

  25. Pizza help to your wallpaper can't send me plz……
    I'm Indian to plz…

  26. am i the only one who thought the liquid looked like orange juice

  27. adit chrisna says:

    marga cipta? is that made from indonesia?

  28. ques1134 says:

    Would of loved to see the hard tube being done

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