Ultimate Call Of Duty Modern Warfare PC FIX Tutorial PART 2 | Dev Errors, Crashes & Much More!


Call Of Duty

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Ultimate Call Of Duty Modern Warfare PC FIX Tutorial PART 2 | Dev Errors, Crashes & Much More!

In PART TWO of this Call Of Duty Modern Warfare PC Tutorial I will be showing you how to FIX the most common; Black screen issues, crashes, graphics Issues, the game using up 100% of your CPU which then causes it to crash and also dev errors (5759, 5761, 6065, 6066, 6068, 6071, 6178).

Its very frustrating when COD Modern Warfare keeps crashing and you keep encountering errors so by following the…

46 Replies to “Ultimate Call Of Duty Modern Warfare PC FIX Tutorial PART 2 | Dev Errors, Crashes & Much More!”

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  2. mine crashes by saying I have no signal with the monitor. only happens when in play MW

  3. John Murphy says:

    Anyone else constantly getting that packet loss signal?(orange squares) Also, does anyone else’s game freeze every time to time? Or this just me?

  4. i already uninstalled the game and it's still crashing!

  5. robsnor says:

    downvote for begging for subs

  6. it is insane how many fix problems there is, it is really helpful but like the comment below me mine is also closing with no message, restarting the shaders daily worked for a little while but now the game is closing out with no message period with the last update

  7. Hello for me the game crashes after I clicked single player or multiplayer and I never actually loaded in I haven’t even entered que

  8. Is it still not possible to pause during download ? I can't download it in one go, it's to enormous

  9. LamamitHut says:

    When I bought the game two weeks ago I had no issues at all, for the first hour. Then the game started to close itself randomly. After a while I had trouble booting it due to a random mix of errors. After that it was just luck, if I could play the game or not. And since the last week just errors – no chance to play at all. Meanwhile I tried some fixes and reinstalled the game. Then I upgraded my system to windows 10 (don't ask why I did this just now). But still errors. Now your first two options worked for me, but I'm really curious how long this will last… But in the end this is not how a game should be. Good luck to everybody else and thank you for your help.

  10. Tim says:

    disabling "full scree optimisation" helped me very much!

  11. Refunded this game day one but bought a new gpu so I got it back for free. Cant get past the beginning load screen. Downloaded this game 4 times already between two rigs.

  12. Joãor says:

    Someone know how to fix fatal erro 5405063998 0xc0000005 ?

  13. Best fix go to control panel applications. Find MW.
    uNINsTAll entire game play something else ?

  14. Please fix dev error 5.0 common.

  15. Yurell says:

    did anyone find a fix?

  16. Penguin64116 says:

    What fixed the problem for me was download ddu witch stands for display driver uninstaller and uninstall drivers don't restart may cause black screen and then download the latest driver's from nvidia or amd!

  17. rtx 2080 to play this little sucker in low resolution and 360p

  18. STRUGGS 44 says:

    FYI guys there is no fix, I tried it all. Even reinstalled the whole 120 gb game. Still the same effects. They’re releasing an update soon for pc only!! Best thing to do is don’t run your Nvidia app to optimize the game for now

  19. amiller974 says:

    Modern Warfare doesn't even open, the game "opens" except it's just a black screen, which crashes moments later, no error message whatsoever.

  20. peter stone says:

    Whenever I connect to groundwar it is very laggy and unplayable. Every other gamemode is perfect. Any suggestions on how to fix?

  21. First Last says:

    The game just shuts down as soon as I try loading any multiplayer level or the campaign. No messages such as crash reports, just closes as if I clicked the Quit to Windows button.

  22. Scott Gilley says:

    yea I chatted w tech support and got a refund. My PC exceeds requirements and would not play 1 second w/o crashing

  23. Inside Bet says:

    I FIND solution for all, try make in option battery, eco battery and see difference working with no lag ok now go in option battery and change perfornce only graphic card, set max performance.

  24. i can't even start the game so this doesn't work for me

  25. Vàruna says:

    my game close with message DEV ERROR 6358

  26. Chill Ace says:

    all my problems are network related such as server disconnected everytime i play ground war but never any other game mode.

  27. Enable the shadow storage on the settings

  28. My game loads up fine, but as soon as I get to the loading screen it just get stuck loading…

  29. ハーフ says:

    I keep getting dev error 6328 and it happens when a multiplayer match is loading either in the loadout menu or when the map is loading. I can usually play one match but after that it keeps crashing I can play 2 games if I am lucky. Also does activision not care about its pc players?

  30. Maxx Walters says:

    I think the 1.07 Patch made it a lot worse, I crash and have a hard freeze and multiple unstuck freezing but I can only play SP for approx 3 min before a hard crash stop responding to desktop.

  31. Brad Innit says:

    hello mate, my game crashes whenever i load into multiplayer things work fine until then. can i get some help? ive tried everything in both videos.

  32. Patratt says:

    Everything you showed in this video doesn't help with crashes. You basically just posted a tutorial on how to clean up some free space on your computer and how to change your graphics settings

  33. I love crashing after every game with a 2080 super and the 9900k. Wonderful game

  34. Marl0n says:

    dev error 6065? any solution?

  35. Faizul Ezam says:

    I have problem with a game graphic..need to restart shaders again..do you have any solutions to fix this problem..

  36. Because you guys have beast pc and you put graphic on low to get more fps . This is why you crash … i haave i7 8700k 1080ti and 240hz monitor , i put all low to get my 240hz and crash each fucking game . Try to put high setting on first and second that work for me i can get 160 to 250 fps

  37. Niles says:

    Yeaah, I don't think anyone can fix the constant crashing. It's more of a dev team kinda thing.

  38. Xela hehe says:

    shit devs shit devs shit devs

  39. Harry Owen says:

    Played fine with ray tracing last night now getting dev error 6068 constantly… And can't run it at all

  40. bliss says:

    so I found a fix for the crashes to the desktop with no error after browsing Reddit for a little.
    Go to windows search bar and search msc
    Go to services click hide all Microsoft services and disable all services and restart your computer
    Run cod presto it works hopefully
    turn on the services u need (i.e. ICue Nvidia services Logitech services Razer synapse) the drivers basically restart ur computer and check if cod is working, enjoy I had no problems so far.

  41. I am still getting error disk read error 5.0 mp_common,ff

  42. M1ght says:

    i get into the game, press multiplayer and the screen goes white/gray and my pc restarts

  43. ItsDraconix says:

    I don't know what's going on. I load the game, and as soon as I join a match, my pc restarts. I've tried priority changing, everything possible, and nothing works. It either shuts off pc on second match or first game. I have no idea what to do. It's not my power supply or gpu. It has something to do with the cpu I think bc the game works but everything on my PC is stuttery and frozen. Temps are fine everything is normal it just uses my cpu to the point it crashes. I have an i5 7600k so I should have no problem.

  44. lxwis says:

    I literally get to play the game for 2-3 mins and it just crashes with no error code or anything and my pc can run it definitely any help? None of these are working,
    ryzen 1200
    16gb ddr4 ram
    gtx 1050ti 4gb

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