ULTIMATE Fortnite RAGE Compilation #6



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The best fortnite rages from big fortnite streamers and youtubers. Mostly from the past month. Ninja, Daequan and the king of rage Dellor are some of the stand outs featured in this video.

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40 Replies to “ULTIMATE Fortnite RAGE Compilation #6”

  1. Does dellor have an endless supply of keyboards and mouses? If so, sounds like planned rage

  2. Jack Carey says:

    1:04 When mom says "Billy, It's time to get off your Fortnite"

  3. 4:55 I bet you were a default once I wouldn’t talk

  4. Its always the same person

  5. 50% of the clips from Dellor

  6. Rebirth says:

    1:12 I almost choked LMFAO

  7. Candielette says:

    Can you imagine being an adult male freaking out in a video game on a kid? 1:20

  8. 12:32 ninjas dinosaur sound/when your friend plays pubg or apex

  9. Dellor needs to stop streaming if he gets that mad

  10. 1:28 when ur son stole ur money

  11. should have been called ultimate fortnite rat kids

  12. Quick tip: please act like u got the sense god gave a goat

  13. 0:05 he just can't seem to catch a break

  14. King Myers says:

    U wake up at 8am n u play this game everyday ???

  15. G00MBA GAMER says:

    Fortnight you tubers are all inbread trash ???

  16. Avery Helms says:

    I know I'm late but… Daquan's rages are funny. ?

  17. 3:20 He runs through the door. because you opened it

  18. Does dell or have friends to play with

  19. Noah Jenkins says:

    That 1guy is so annoying and dumb ???

  20. Samir H. says:

    That's What Happens When Your Girlfriend Is Made Out Of Plastic.

  21. Its never a rage video with out dellor

  22. Joe Garside says:

    I hate this Dellor guy with a passion

  23. DONTEROXX1 says:

    1:01 pervy sage fights pain
    you yessss
    pervy sage dies…

  24. Jesse Mathis says:

    That Dellor kid has some serious issues.

  25. scyth dragon says:

    Me when my girlfreind leaves me: 0:17

  26. Roogie says:

    That’s s is entertainment

  27. Not half as funny as the PUBG salty deaths series. They were genuinely salty players raging which is what made it so funny lol. These are just streamers playing up to the camera by shouting into their mics

  28. Esses arrumbado quebra teclado e mouse pq sabe que nos troxas vamo dar dinheiro pra eles em live

  29. 1:00 what you really hear in your nightmares

  30. Maciek says:

    Ten cały Fortnite niszczy ludziom psychę

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