Unlock Gold Peely NOW With This SECRET Trick in Fortnite!



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Unlock Gold Peely now with this Secret Trick in Fortnite! Today I show you how to level up fast and get XP in Battle Royale Season 2 Chapter 2. This helps you unlock every golden skin in the battle pass with tips and tricks based on Talocan the level 550 player. These free rewards are easy to unlock these tricks could even be considered a glitch. We have gameplay examples as well so enjoy!

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43 Replies to “Unlock Gold Peely NOW With This SECRET Trick in Fortnite!”

  1. Is it too late to have the gold skins in season 3?

  2. souspouce18 says:

    I made it to level 323 by the end of the season

  3. This is exactly what I do. Tbh I love looting more than anything

  4. 5BX gaming says:

    500 xp. From chests and ammo boxes.

  5. Pier Gregory says:

    I was on level 201 but as it's season 3 now I'm on level 43

  6. Star Fan 69 says:

    why did you make this video now sweats are in team rumble i go from getting 25 kills to 1 or 3 I HATE SWEATS

  7. Lost in Time says:

    Can you please add me, so I have a chance of getting one of your epic gifts?🥺 My epic is: kaspa2007

  8. Julian En co says:

    Can pealy going gold in season 3

  9. maura tomann says:

    I think it was a glitch but yesterday i got the first catch in the map but I was just throwing my fishing rod into the water in the lobby.

  10. DevenPlays12 says:

    Before season 3 I was at level 230

  11. alyxbear says:

    I'm on level 151 But cos you help me out for xp and stuff last week I was on 124

  12. aidan lee says:

    I'm level 260 bought normal battle pass

  13. One day before season 3, I did arrived to level 300

  14. please gift me the battle pass here’s my username Pro Tsend Ochir

  15. I am mad meow cynical right now working on him could I just got him right

  16. Heidi Marie says:

    I’m level 345😎😎

  17. Pam Shea says:

    I'm watching this and I I'm going to try it out

  18. Xx-murad says:

    I am level 221 and I didnt buy tiers and I don't even know how to buy tiers

  19. Im level 271 and haven't bought a tier

  20. Black_sky says:

    I am level 350 😁

  21. I'm soooo excited for tomorrow because that's when season 3 is coming out!!!!!

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