Using Auto Fire on Fortnite Mobile Part 2



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Today, I’m taking another look at autofire in fortnite mobile, what do you think about it let me know down in the comment section below! Want to see the first time I used autofire?

Check it out here:

1) How do I record / stream?
– I use the elgato HD 60 to capture gameplay and audio and I use the program OBS to create my overlay and broadcast what my elgato is capturing straight to YouTube.

2) What device am I using?
– The iPad Pro…

43 Replies to “Using Auto Fire on Fortnite Mobile Part 2”

  1. And 2:39 he says he uses auto shoot but auto shoot wont shoot for no reason

  2. 2:54 he said he has auto shoot but hes using auto fire

  3. Hezx says:

    You sound like a pc player complaining about console aim assist

  4. Itz Knighto says:

    Literally mobile players suck it requires no skill to win

  5. Autofire is ok for those starting out the game. For those who are trying to get better, however, you need to learn how to aim for yourself and not with the help of the game. I even showcase my aim progression on my channel

  6. jesus gaming says:

    Bro 1v1 me bro u ass cheeks

  7. You are insane at mobile!!! Best mobile god ever!!!!?

  8. What’s your kill record

  9. It doesn’t shoot for me automatically help plz

  10. I can't do 90s that good on ps4 holy ship

  11. In the thumbnail u look like Danny gonzalez

  12. FaZe_KrY 1 says:

    Why did that red dot pop up is that aimbot

  13. Look key he is just a sweaty bitch and dies to bot and blames it on auto shoot because what if someone runs into a sweat like him then there fucked so they should keep it

  14. Your not using auto fire

  15. Can I play with you please

  16. M.F capo says:

    Auto shoot should deffo should be removed, but there’s players who don’t play six finger claw and are on a laggy iPhone 7 with 30fps and they play agains iPad players like ur self with 60fps and can’t build as fast cuz they play with two fingers on a smaller device, I personally think iPad players and mobile players should be different lobbies

  17. Look like Santa is now not trash now

  18. BLIZZARDOK says:

    If PC had auto fire the game wound probably die under 2 hours

  19. Auto fire is so bad when I press the shoot button it shoots so slow

  20. I use auto fire too in my iPad..

  21. Ozzy 289 says:

    Why do I think that tfue use aimbot ??

  22. Cris Colon says:

    Why is every one the skull ranger

  23. Noahdab3st says:

    My grand is in the mobile summer skirmish

  24. Treyton Hole says:

    Never seen so many green skull troopers/ skull rangers in my life

  25. It probably should be removed but I think they did that for a skill gap since they want more players on every platform just like how counsel has aim assist and how u can build a little better on console just my opinion.

  26. Vortex Vlogs says:

    He says it’s bad because it gives bad player an advantage and u play on mobile and ur this good I feel disadvantaged ?

  27. Hit or miss yo daddy should have missed

  28. Izayah_eboy says:

    And your always making excuses

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