Velvet! 🎺 (But It’s Perfectly Synced) | Fortnite Montage



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11 Replies to “Velvet! 🎺 (But It’s Perfectly Synced) | Fortnite Montage”

  1. rzEccentric says:

    This Video Took 2 Hours To Edit So Please Like Subscribe and Hit The Bell❤️🎺

  2. who tf plays games on console

  3. Nufan says:

    Wanna be duos g??

  4. Invade Clan says:

    but i liked and subed

  5. Richard Vu says:

    nice fortnite montage bro!I loved the part at 0:46
    btw i subbed and liked and i will also try to comment in every video you upload 🙂

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