WANTED – COMPLETE EASTER EGG (Part 1)(Call of Duty Zombies)


Call Of Duty

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36 Replies to “WANTED – COMPLETE EASTER EGG (Part 1)(Call of Duty Zombies)”

  1. Ian Koppa says:

    the model 1887 is the same 1 from MW3 that is really cool

  2. cronic91 says:

    I have a map I want to make that will scare the hell out you it's an impossibly 1

  3. Better than tryarch's map

  4. Hank Hill says:

    There is nothing more disappointing than clicking on the video thinking it's a new dlcs and finding out it's just another custom map

  5. OhSoCali says:

    Yes! This is a beautiful map! It's almost Easter, so find all those Easter Eggs!

  6. I just noticed their health is on their image at the bottom left,the yellow circle, great detail

  7. Uptownpapi25 says:

    zeroy is always on point with his maps .

  8. John Smith says:

    who disliked this map!? evil lies beyond

  9. Shane Harris says:

    4:07 that is a stockless version of a ww1 French machine gun it's fed through the same magazine but I don't know the name of the gun

  10. Shane Harris says:

    Is this the western map from bo2 zombies or a completely custom map

  11. Hey Meaty and Gunns, I'm just waiting for part # 2

  12. rayvnstevens says:

    Still looking forward to more RICO. Keep up the good work!

  13. Isnt Model 1887 the Earp when its packed?

  14. to get the locked pistol, I think you need to shoot some c(CLOCKS) to unlock it. Love the videos keep them coming my guys

  15. The real Red Talon (sword) from Call of Duty WW2 is really good, because AOE is very nice and useful.

  16. Anybody else see meaty walk past a skull at 14:55 on the barrel on left

  17. thanks Meaty and Gunns for replaying this map again, I can't wait to watch the next episode and the full easter egg! Awesome video as always!

  18. The part might be flux , alarm clock and the tube dr. Brown put food in on car ? Let me know !

  19. What's up niels and muh boy chriss, hey niels aim for the head, KilLs dUh ZoMbeRs fAsTer.

  20. I love your videos so much but you waste so much ammo when you shoot the zombies like 3 more times after they’re dead 😭😭😭😂

  21. Andrew Walk says:

    You guys/girls will never guess how much weight I can push away from my body.

  22. King Vibing says:

    you guys should try out the game called brawlhalla plz i think you would enjoy paying the game is my personal fav

  23. alshammari says:

    I love your videos guys ❤️👍🏻

  24. Remember crate power u dint have yo grab the first gun out of the box

  25. U have to kill the chickens at a certain round

  26. dirty steve says:

    play Outlaws of the Old West guys

  27. When guns was at 2480 he went up to 3080 i think it was whem meaty got it

  28. Thats kool u both get the zombie cash when one person gets the other to at the same.time i saw it when meaty picked it up gins weny up when meaty did

  29. I'm already waiting for part 2

  30. Lul RaRa says:

    it would be better if you dropped all parts at the same time but love the vid!!!!

  31. Play black ops 4 new map that is coming out@yaw

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