We ACCIDENTALLY got into Scrims using ONLY Planes to Win on Fortnite! (INSANE Ending)



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For today’s video myself and some friends tried the Plane Only challenge on Fortnite and we happen to get into a Scrim game on Fortnite… the ending is INSANE!

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36 Replies to “We ACCIDENTALLY got into Scrims using ONLY Planes to Win on Fortnite! (INSANE Ending)”

  1. Tony Karrla says:

    Wat a liar no scrim game has like 9 players last circle it’s got bout 50

  2. Noah V says:

    like if nick is the best youtuber

  3. Justin S says:

    I feel your pain man I just got dumped after 6 years

  4. Awesome 101 says:

    how do you get Into a scrim lobby

  5. Xanatos says:

    Nick's lied to all of us

  6. Get_ Z3phed says:

    Wow, you aren't very good at driving planes…

  7. These are some ass scrims

  8. Walfy 321 says:

    What happend with the controller thing

  9. Rahh ILowBx says:

    What happend to controller oh yeah yeah

  10. I thought you only controller rippp

  11. Are we gonna ignore the fact he’s wearing Mr Beast merch

  12. Whisper Icy says:

    Clickbait bitch ima use control for a week totally

  13. When you talk about staying in the plane all game you sound like a season 7 bot

  14. Mr. K says:

    Yay more scrims I like these

  15. Itzz Josh says:

    What happened to not playing on controller

  16. Goku-_- says:

    "Try the fortnite pancake"

  17. Nathan Hull says:

    Easy dub if it wasn’t a scrim

  18. GoneCrAzY YT says:

    Nick has a gurlfriend

    Damn im surprised

  19. Olivia E says:

    When u laugh u sound like faze cizzors haha

  20. Is that a mrbeast sweatshirt

  21. Lou1s says:

    Just made a video about how to play scrims! hopefully it helps some of you that want to play!

  22. is it me or does he sound like FaZe Tenpo????

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