Weekly Store Update 14 August – 21 August | Fortnite Save the World | TeamVASH



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In this video I update you on the weekly store!

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26 Replies to “Weekly Store Update 14 August – 21 August | Fortnite Save the World | TeamVASH”

  1. How did you get 165,000 gold

  2. Baby Ben says:

    Get a lot of flux leveling up your collection book.

  3. The rewards for 140 missions r still trash

  4. No way says:

    Armory slots being #1 is awfully misleading, I listened to you and now I have way too many slots and I can't afford anything else in the store.

  5. Zak A says:

    Also buy epic survivors
    Chance to get trap durability perks very useful

  6. Sqoiled says:

    Anyone else waiting for carbide ?

  7. Yunkergod says:

    I know the gas trap is the best ceiling trap, but what is the best wall and floor?? I thing the broadside for wall is pretty good but my floor traps are trash

  8. MrAsmoka says:

    GAAARBAAAGGGEEE OHHH YEAHH lol 😉 just kidding, nice vid.

  9. Drail 1414 says:

    Mega Base Kyle in store right now 👍🏻

  10. We finally get a v-buck mission but it’s just ONE and in plank. Gee thanks epic…

  11. i still haven't noticed a change in evolution materials as rewards

  12. Thanks for the review keep up the good work

  13. hope oner says:

    Vash you are right about Epic they keep giving us trash and repeats. why?

  14. i was in ur game 4 hrs ago i was November 1 1996

  15. Ganzo86 says:

    I really wish the weekly store was more exciting. 40 drops of rain?! Really?!
    A green hero?! 50 Flux?! 50!!!

    Why cant we have a weekly store that rocks? Something that will make us stay up all night playing our butts off saving up gold to buy all the goodies in the store.

    I want 200 flux once a week. I want 400 drops of rain. I want cool guns and swords.
    Why shouldn't we have the opportunity to play long and hard hours to save up enough gold to buy all the goodies this game has to offer?

    Dude I have nearly 1000 scamatics I'd love to fully Gold roll and have multiple versions of them with all the different elements.
    How cool would it be to have typewriters in all 5 different elements fully perked up?

    Vashen we need you to make that happen lol.

    The voice of the people!

  16. Vash can u do ssd twine 7

  17. MrSlav says:

    Use code VashenZ

  18. Lil V says:

    another fail. The store for this season has been trash

  19. Echo 1416 says:

    Love these videos, very helpful indeed 💖

  20. s1ayer_ says:

    This video is messed up, it's a small square and the audio qualify is broken

    Edit: reloading the video fixed it my bad

  21. Us: yay thunder thora

  22. xoCdaug says:

    Thanks for the content Vash!

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