When a poor gamer tries to play Fortnite Mobile on pc



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When a poor gamer tries to play Fortnite Mobile on pc

This video is for entertainment and funny purpose only.

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Music used:
1. Disfigure – Blank [NCS Release]
2. Diamond Eyes – Everything [NCS Release]
3. [No Copyright Music] We Are One – Vexento

(Special Thanks) Gameplay 60fps:

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50 Replies to “When a poor gamer tries to play Fortnite Mobile on pc”

  1. Scrubey says:

    Its Still Laggy

  2. The game is cuphead(Really Poor!!!!!!!)

  3. its a 32 bit emulator so it cant run why u sooo stewpid???

  4. IndiaHV says:

    why am i watching thisI just spent 1000$ on my new PC

  5. Bro your intro is so anyoing

  6. YRujbani 10 says:

    Hhh it's not funny at all thnx

  7. Oisin Briere says:

    if your not 18 dont use evil morty

  8. Theobose says:

    Lol it is already lauched in agust
    and there is a very complicated way but u can play it on pc but u will be banned

  9. Akash B says:

    NIBBAs with Intel family graphics need this

  10. Lucian says:

    When a poor gamer tries to play Fortnite mobile because they cant afford a PC

  11. IndianGamer says:

    well, you have copied from my video

  12. Eat ..sleep …play cuphead

  13. I'm one of the poor ones

  14. Ram Prasath says:

    But possible to play fortnite mobile on emulator. Try (tian tian Chinese emulator) it really works for me.

  15. Thot Walk says:

    If your PC cant play Fortnite, it cant play Fortnite mobile. Fortnite is easy to run muh dude.

  16. You can use a chinese emulator Tian Tian Emulator for 64 bit processor and run fortnite.

  17. _ZGAMER says:

    LOL he said but i`ve been playing for a long time and he showed like level 1

  18. Matrix says:

    Funny thing is, I actually came here because I was searching "Fortnite Mobile on PC" lmao

  19. fun fact fortnite is on all Android devices so go and get it

  20. SB Isaac says:

    I can't run fortnite my whole computer just shuts off 🙁

  21. PrizMa says:

    Lol that was my video wtf ?? 3:42 on top

  22. AJG Tech says:

    Why my stickman videos are the worst???

  23. Use memu play than bluestack you could play fortnite mobile on your pc with memu play

  24. my pc can run low fortnite with lag ;-;

  25. Kaan Bayhar says:

    Dude i even cant install fortnite on my phone and my laptop is 12 years old i cant play anything on it bro know that ur lucky

  26. VeXo says:

    2:00 I love that song I used to use in all my videos I deleted some I remember when that song came out

  27. Gamer 4 life says:

    Fortnite is free on PC he is mad

  28. Back Fsh says:

    It's time for some fake appreciation:
    east or west your vedos are the best
    Just kidding ??
    Actually your vedos are a lot batter then myne??

  29. Lussu pussu says:

    Ved_Dev intro song but keep it up

  30. WESTEL X says:

    If you have low end pc you can download gta san andreas

  31. Cool Gamer says:

    Woohoo i am early
    When a gamer steals a UFO and gets a supercomputer out of it

  32. Noob Ninja says:


    President Of U.S.A Was George Washington

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