Which Is The BEST Fortnite Controller Settings?! Linear vs Exponential vs Old Aim Assist..



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34 Replies to “Which Is The BEST Fortnite Controller Settings?! Linear vs Exponential vs Old Aim Assist..”

  1. Arius. says:

    I use

    2.0 build
    2.0 edit
    56 hori
    56 ver
    No boost
    16 ads both
    No boost

  2. GRIDLOCK says:

    yikes, shotgun aim with low percentage hip fire on linear, never hit more 200s with a purple pump in my life

  3. Val Mal says:

    How bout liner and expo + pc controller

  4. CucumberTato says:

    I know why you can’t hit shots on linear. You don’t use kontrol freeks

  5. F12 Uncaged says:

    I never knew this thank you my default after turning on the advance settings was linear and I didn’t understand why my aim was so bad.

  6. RIP legacy look controls

  7. Aye bro, nick, I’m not no professional in controller settings or whatever you know, but when I first got my elite 1, my brain could not register 4 paddles AT ALL bro. Especially in fortnite where you have a whole bunch of different settings, so instead I’m telling you man, a game like modern warfare or any FPS, if you put all 4 on and get used to just that setting on it. Let’s say my right lower paddle is for crouching cause I use tactical. So on Xbox that’s b. If you get used to that paddle being b or O on ps4, you can transfer that memeory muscle to fortnite. I promise you it works. I can edit with it now and then the other 3 isn’t so difficult. Like put triangle on lower left and use it to switch weapons and then carry that to switch to pick axe. That’s how I got it man. Only problem is if you use another setting on that paddle it’s hard to get back used to man.

  8. Epic should make a mixture of both

  9. Angel Valle says:

    What's yo exponential settings tho

  10. Ayman Hanif says:

    Well … legacy gone now

  11. Am I the only one that uses high aim down sight I hate it being slow

  12. I out build people using exponential because I shit on them before they can do all their building

  13. Delicates says:

    Why can’t fortnite just give is both settings combined insane builds and edits and extremely good aim

  14. Thank you!!! With this mandatory switch I've tried playing linear and I couldn't shoot worth shit! I'm gonna enjoy my legacy for 3 more days!

  15. Montiso says:

    You should watch rodey bros video about it he nailed it!

  16. Can Any1 tell me if scuffs are durable?

  17. Jerad Ford says:

    do you press your paddles with middle or ring fingers

  18. Jordan says:

    Legacy+foot controller= OP Aim

  19. I switched from linear to exponential and I would recomend it 👍

  20. Musa Tabally says:

    get this mans to 2 mil hes at 1.99M

  21. Juan Rivera says:

    I use exponential and holy shit it is good for tracking

  22. jax lad says:

    Don't go linear yo ass go hate expo

  23. put Gary on the stream. He could’ve had you multiple times 👀

  24. dude i watched this video and grind on exponential, my bloom was treble and today i switch to linear an i was hitting headshoots with full bloom, and come back to this vid i thought i got it wrong, but this gu has no fucking idea how strong linear is

  25. I couldn't use Exponential because I use a low sens for the most part. and still about cant aim with controller. I grew up playing mouse and key. but for some reason it looks like im on target but ill miss shots on mouse. and I know about bloom. but controller it seems easier to aim in this game as apposed to mouse.

  26. Everyone is obsessing over linear but I’m over here L2ing on legacy.

  27. Legacy Man says:

    i've never seen this youtuber before but have heard of him. a very educational video. i feel like i'm watching Black Mirror with all of these adds all over the screen holy hell lol

  28. JAMRAM says:

    I seen a video. Talking about the best settings for linear and tried them out, but I could not get a feel. I am far better on exponential.

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