Why snipers are OP!


Call Of Duty

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My criticisms on Call of Duty: World War II’s multiplayer.

18 Replies to “Why snipers are OP!”

  1. GSX_ SNYPZ says:

    It’s a sniper not a pee shooter lol

  2. GSX_ SNYPZ says:

    They are not op lol then you use it nvm it takes skillllll boi skilllllll

  3. FNAFgamrz says:

    I'm always using the Enfield, and I can quickscope, I prefer the Enfield over all other snipers

  4. awesome vid man, i fucking hate snipers in this game.

  5. Smerky says:

    You just garbage stop bitching

  6. How do you only have 350 subs???? Can we make it 350 Mil?

  7. James Cuello says:

    Daemon I'd really like to see a video of you explaining how all the weapons should be balanced by going through all the divisions in this game please

  8. It’s xTazz says:

    I see where you’re coming from, and u do make a good point, but I would like you to check out our point of view, it’s a lot harder, trust me, go check out 9 lives ww2 vids on why sniping isn’t as op as u say

  9. B Murphy says:

    And what ever happened to the unique gun sounds like the m60 or famas the desert eagle. Then the older voice acting ENEMY 130 ABOVE!! Or how world at war was when you would level up there was that military chanting echo sounds and shit. Way more character in the older ones imo The chopper gunner crosshairs looked real it went into the black and white screen and all.

  10. B Murphy says:

    I’m an artist by profession and one of my clients is a studio manager from the studio that made this game.
    This is just my opinion based on what i gathered from speaking to his wife and not actually him.
    We all know that the original infinity ward left made titanfall ect. But these studios use each other’s resources the original artist aren’t really in any studio so between that and the micro transactions we will never see another game that functions and makes sense like say modern warfare.
    It’s like a new band coming along and trying to remake a Metallica song -they will always fall short. Just my two cents. Being an artist myself i know for a fact even if i was Rembrandt i couldn’t do what Salvador Dali did.
    As far as the shit connections and lag comp and all that when i asked her why they never correct it she basically said sledgehammer is just as angry as the players because the secondary server cloud company is the one that been dropping the ball.
    I don’t except that personally because it’s a multi million dollar game they can pay for better service. It’s all about cutting corners for profit the age old deal.
    I been playing games my entire life and cod since the very early years I’m currently 44 now lol and i do agree with most of your points.
    Great video dude and all the best

  11. Mercy says:

    snipers aren"t op

  12. Felix 93 says:

    Do a nazi zombie video!

  13. and to much catering to people play type leaves clutter

  14. nigga mean lag compensation

  15. Hunter_IBY says:

    The maps do suck loll. Good video man

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