Xbox One S: Call of Duty Modern Warfare Frame Rate Test


Call Of Duty

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Call of Duty Modern Warfare Campaign & Multiplayer FPS test on Xbox One S.

Xbox One S uses a dynamic resolution: 800×900 – 1600×900


Xbox One S No Commentary Multiplayer:
Battlefield V:

Thanks for watching! 🙂

26 Replies to “Xbox One S: Call of Duty Modern Warfare Frame Rate Test”

  1. Isaac97 says:

    0:00 Campaign
    3:30 Team Deathmatch
    5:28 Ground War
    6:34 Free for All
    9:07 Realism (No Hud TDM)
    9:55 Domination
    11:12 Gunfight (2vs2)

  2. imagine playing MW then all the sudden your resolution goes to 800×900

  3. Danny says:

    is this game at a constant 60fps when not screen recording?

  4. rafaelmrbean says:

    Hey, Will you Do more framerate tests with xbox one S with GTA V, THE WITCHER III etc?…please

  5. rafaelmrbean says:

    4:05 He destroyed the helicopter with a pistol.. LOL very real

  6. Marco Cruz says:

    I got an one S as well and the game runs like shit , its strange

  7. I have the S
    So should I get this or six siege?
    Cause Idk which one would be better quality

  8. Thanks Son says:

    thank god I've found a frame rate test that the tester is actually good at gaming.

  9. Mr Mugica says:

    I only play call of duty so that's all I will play so should I get a xbox one s or is it not good 2 play cod on this system

  10. Can u do Forza 4 fps test?

  11. Uğur ASLAN says:

    İs this upscaled 4K?

  12. I have an Xbox one S and the amount of frame skips and drops is insane like cmon

  13. Keep making this videos with other games foundry does it only for og Xbox one… its very helpful and certainly grows your channel watchtime !

  14. The graphics on the Xbox S are bad for this game will Xbox or call of duty ever fix this because it makes the game look bad ?

  15. Dis Boi says:

    Just bought an one s this black friday for 180 bucks. Dirt cheap for what this baby can run

  16. SnowRey says:

    0:31 And down the frames go 12 fps nice! 🙂

  17. Mario Chavez says:

    1080 or 3,840 x 2,160 rescaled?

  18. Brandon Lee says:

    I’m having frame rate issues on Modern Warfare on PS4

  19. What program You use to check the fps of the console?

  20. Hasan Dursun says:

    İs it game looks blurry or looks normal? (Sorry for my bad English)

  21. ŚTØKËŚ says:

    The graphics are so bad I regret buying the S

  22. Tony Pierro says:

    How the f…. I buy the digital game for my x box ssssss . I'm new on this . Thanks

  23. Talent Mars says:

    That TAA blur is what really makes the experience poor. The FPS is decent most of the time, but the game is so blurry cause of TAA. I'd rather have a light amount of FXAA than the Vaseline smear of TAA.

  24. Shar Slays says:

    IS IT WORTH IT to get the digital one

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