Yogtowers remade in Fortnite (w/ Download Code) – Creative Map



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38 Replies to “Yogtowers remade in Fortnite (w/ Download Code) – Creative Map”

  1. SUPPORT A CREATOR – InTheLittleWood (remember to renew it every 2 weeks)

    Also, if there are any issues with the map then be sure to let me know 😀

  2. Darknight says:

    How do you download it

  3. @inthelittlewood do a irl tour of the yogscast offices

  4. Ditebits 404 says:

    I cant open chests in your map

  5. Isre says:

    ill hopefully be booking there sometime so im more exited I can look around there now xD

  6. NathanPlays says:

    Great map but there was no ammo

  7. Hipporoos says:

    Martyn, why did you not ask for permission to explore the girls bathroom???
    Or even better, have more imginatin of what crazy things would be in there 🙂

  8. Where is tomadatchy life

  9. Terrel_Jones says:

    still one of my favourite and longest watching yourtubers, and yet i still find u entertaining

  10. SkeleMann says:

    Congrats on the insane amount of viewers you had on Twitch yesterday, absolute bonkers

  11. HyperGaming says:

    You should recreate your house!

    Remember to include your adress

  12. What brand deal people sit there then?

  13. ed ludwig says:

    hey martyn if you read this just wondering when is your next serries going to be cause its all been fortnite and i miss serries like zelda, nino kuni,and such just wondering when the next one will be out?

  14. Aisya Yahaya says:

    no office cam it seems… thats my favourite part of the office

  15. Peter Lopez says:

    Hey, just a question, are you still part of Yogscast?

  16. Hey martyn, try making the jaffa factory from Lewis and Simon Minecraft videos

  17. TheRetro0NE says:

    can you do a winter wonderland with a gaint christmas tree and under that there is tons of chests

  18. Adam Bennett says:

    Hi Martyn. I watched your videos maybe 5 years ago and especially with the original Little and Cubed videos. I also loved your ITLD channel and your Minecraft Advent. I thought I'd drop in for a video but I'm not a fan of Fortnite. You haven't changed a bit and I love it. Amazing that youve kept the same really. Thanks for the great memories on YouTube I had growing up!

  19. STORMz says:

    If you dislike you have no heart

  20. Duncan Cox says:

    This is cool. I really like the idea of a Seires of Fortnite Builds.

  21. Zoey 90 says:

    there ARE server racks; like the ones in wailing woods’ bunker, but there’s sadly no prefabs with those.

  22. TJsilver says:

    You should re-create the yogsy penitentiary

  23. Roninj8 says:

    "Given how i built the rest of the prison" Martyn what do they do there???

  24. mcgran59 says:

    Yeah this is cool.

    That is all.

    Hang on, can you replicate the old prison front S3 of Fortnite?

    (I think it's season 3,not much of fortnite player but your awesome so ?‍♂️)

  25. Will Freddo says:

    Martyn, can you create a legend of zelda map

  26. Cool Ninja says:

    what did the Teacher say to the students?

    Read More

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