Zombie Mode Gameplay | HD Ultra Graphics 60 FPS | Call of Duty Mobile


Call Of Duty

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Zombie Mode Gameplay | HD Ultra Graphics 60 FPS | Call of Duty Mobile | ULTRA HDR REALISTIC GRAPHICS | Full Gameplay iPad Pro in Call of Duty Mobile, COD Mobile | CODM



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33 Replies to “Zombie Mode Gameplay | HD Ultra Graphics 60 FPS | Call of Duty Mobile”

  1. PUBG Lover says:

    which recorder do you use?

  2. Hey TTH! Can I Have A Play Call Of Duty: Mobile?

  3. GaMer XVR says:

    How u get ultra graohic?

  4. Do a call of duty mobile zombies. exe

  5. can you please tell me which is the best free gaming recording app? :/

  6. Hey guys what's your maximal damage to zombies per 1 session

  7. COD game is worst and the zombie mode even more bad

  8. TalktoHand you should do a zombiemode e.xe

  9. 5:22

    when I realized that this is not 4k

  10. Abomination is way too difficult to kill. People will get bored of the zombie mode and would avoid it due to it's difficulty. They should have taken inspiration from PUBG former present infection mode. It has more inclusive action. The part where you became the vanquisher was really enticing. Here the point system is different but not convenient. I hoped that COD had a better starting of the zombie mode. 7 waves of zombies becomes very repetitive and the first 3 are super easy. Therefore, COD's zombie mode created a lot of hype but is nothing special. The battle royale and TDM is actually really fun but I think that the zombie mode could have been way better.
    Like below if you want infection mode to be back in PUBG Mobile.
    My COD ID – Killtank

  11. Naeem Ahmed says:

    Better than pubg zombie mode even in freaking 1.3 GO! !!!!!!!!!!!?!!

  12. this mode is thick and seek its the best mode

  13. RoV Fake says:

    This a real shotgun

    Shot gun on the game is very weak

  14. FBI says:

    The peoples play in smarthphone not are gamers because the games

    The game:

  15. Pls don't play that trash game

  16. pop_ mu22 says:

    Looks like a dmc game

  17. Hang Jebat says:

    nice bouncy sound effect??

  18. Moch Alief says:

    Try the hardcore mode!!

  19. Sl Kiddo says:

    I think this mode is similar to cod black ops zombies….

  20. I don't really mind the zombie mode honestly, it s fun but I'm just like Angry Joe that not really fan of zombie game since I played too many of those type of game

  21. My Call Of Duty Is 1,55 Gb

    Not Atualized ;-;

  22. Huuuuuum………

    I'm Not Atualized My Call Of Duty ;-;

  23. It's just like Left 4 Dead

  24. PACK A PUNCH! We need it, literally

  25. Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  26. Pubg needs this type of zombie mode

  27. This is good idea, but i want with old weapons like world war 2.

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